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What we are reading: September

This month here at Hale we have been reading a really interesting mix; from the squalor of the opium dens of Bombay, through the plush citrus groves of Sicily, to the beautifully intricate masonry of Gloucester Cathedral. One thing that is irrevocably and quintessentially British, is our fervent love of discussing of weather; with this […]

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What We’re Reading in… May

This month in the Hale office, we think about books we’ve re-read, and how these stories have fared over time. Catherine, Design and Production Manager: There are two books that I have re-read several times for pleasure rather than having to re-read them as part of school studies: Dickens’ Hard Times, anyone?! The first is C.S. […]

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What We’re Reading in… March

Back in 1959, Robert Hale published Bloch’s psychological thriller Psycho, which was quickly snapped up by Alfred Hitchcock and made into a film the following year. What are our favourite book-to-film stories at Robert Hale?    Sarah Plows, Marketing and Publicity Manager: My favourite is Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote (Penguin Classics). The first […]

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