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What We’re Reading in… May

This month in the Hale office, we think about books we’ve re-read, and how these stories have fared over time. Catherine, Design and Production Manager: There are two books that I have re-read several times for pleasure rather than having to re-read them as part of school studies: Dickens’ Hard Times, anyone?! The first is C.S. […]

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What We’re Reading in… March

Back in 1959, Robert Hale published Bloch’s psychological thriller Psycho, which was quickly snapped up by Alfred Hitchcock and made into a film the following year. What are our favourite book-to-film stories at Robert Hale?    Sarah Plows, Marketing and Publicity Manager: My favourite is Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote (Penguin Classics). The first […]

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