Books on Fishing

  • Itchen Memories

    G.E.M. Skues

    More than a mere collection of fishy tales and of days long past spent pottering beside the river, Itchen Memories concerns just one very special stretch of this lovely chalk...

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  • Presentation Fly Fishing

    Jeremy Lucas

    Presentation Fly-Fishing is your comprehensive guide to fly-fishing for trout and grayling, using a minimalistic approach. It explores leader-to-hand and leader-only techniques with nymphs and dry flies, and from the...

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  • G.E.M. Skues: The Man of the Nymph

    Tony Hayter

    ‘…the name G.E.M. Skues will forever be associated with nymph fishing throughout the world as long as there are anglers who wish to catch fish’ – Frank Sawyer – legendary...

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  • Become a Fly Fisher

    Terry Lawton

    Become a Fly Fisher offers a unique approach to fly fishing for beginners. It guides the novice fly angler through every step, from buying tackle and equipment, to assembling it...

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