Indulge in your British heritage

  • Blue Remembered Hills

    Keith Pybus

    The Shropshire Hills are alive with stories, although all too few of these are known to the casual visitor or even to the interested long-term resident. But each year, a...

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  • Charleston Saved 1979–1989

    Anthea Arnold

    Charleston Saved 1979–1989 tells the remarkable story of how the home of key members of the Bloomsbury set was brought back from ruin and lovingly restored to life.

    When the...

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  • English Cathedrals

    Andrew Sanders

    England is blessed with many beautiful cathedrals, including the world-renowned Durham, with its geometrically carved pillars, Wells, with its astonishingly graceful scissor arch, and the gloriously uplifting Ely and...

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  • Long Distance Walking in Britain

    Damian Hall

    This is your comprehensive guide to the best long distance trails in Britain, leading you through landscapes rich in history, wildlife and views.

    OS references are provided throughout, with invaluable...

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  • Smithfield

    Alec Forshaw

    Famed throughout the world for its meat market, the Smithfield area of London has a long and turbulent history. Originally a ‘smooth field’ lying just beyond the City wall, over...

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  • The British Wildlife Year

    Dominic Couzens

    In this unique book Dominic Couzens provides a precise record of what happens in the natural world in Britain for each week of the year.

    What sets this book apart from...

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  • The Origins of English Surnames

    Joslin Fiennes

    Surnames carry the history of people in a very personal way. In England surnames were mostly established by the end of the fourteenth century – by ordinary people, for ordinary...

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  • Writers’ Houses

    Writers’ Houses reflects Britain’s impressive literary and architectural heritage, offering a revealing insight into how leading British writers lived and wrote.

    Illustrated in colour, the book guides you through the...

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