Welcome to Buried River Press

Buried River Press draws on the best of over seventy-five years’ independent publishing experience to select and produce books to entice, intrigue and delight those readers with an appetite for superb stories.

Named for The Fleet, the largest of London’s historic subterranean rivers, Buried River Press is situated in the heart of creative Clerkenwell.

As befits the literary pedigree and history of the area, Buried River Press is committed to unearthing and curating a range of contemporary, romantic, crime and historical fiction titles suitable for readers who want to be excited and informed, whilst enjoying the evergreen pleasure of a good book.

New titles from Buried River Press

  • Murder on the Minneapolis

    Anita Davison

    Flora Maguire, a young governess, is on her way home on the SS Minneapolis after the wedding of her employer’s daughter. She meets the charming Bunny Harrington on deck on...

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  • Squeezed

    David Atkinson

    If your wife organized a threesome for you on your honeymoon, what would you do?

    Scott is shocked by his wife Hannah’s suggestion, but hesitantly agrees to go along with it....

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  • Cicely’s Sovereign Secret

    Sandra Heath Wilson

    Lancastrian King Henry VII has a dark secret, a secret that his Yorkist foe, Jack de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, is determined to discover. But Jack is killed by...

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  • The Lavender House Mob

    Annie Crux

    Widowed novelist Louise Gregory is happy enough living alone with her pets at rambling Lavender House in the New Forest, but her life is suddenly disrupted by an unexpected financial...

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  • Twice Royal Lady

    Hilary Green

    Destined from childhood to be an important piece in the intricate chess game of power, Matilda is the granddaughter of William the Conqueror but also descended, through her mother, from...

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  • The Music Room

    Laura Kalpakian

    Young Marcella McNeill’s family are always rehearsing: her father is an actor, her mother Valerie an aspiring opera singer, her grandmother Gloria a renowned violinist. During the summer of 1969...

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  • Dreams that Veil

    Dominic Luke

    December 1911. Twelve-year old Eliza Brannan eagerly awaits the return of her brother Roderick from university, a welcome but brief diversion from her otherwise cosy existence in the heart of...

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  • What Would Ginger Rogers Do?

    Caitlin Raynes

    Tosca Tonnino oversees Author Events at Carter &Co. a small, independent bookshop in a tourist town. Tosca enjoys her independence, a lively social life, and seasonal love affairs. She practices...

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