J.A. Allen

  • 200+ School Exercises with Poles

    Claire Lilley

    This book discusses ground-pole training for all disciplines and shows how you can make the most of precious schooling time. It provides quick and easy pole layouts, using just a... £21.99 Add to cart

  • 3-Minute Horsemanship

    Vanessa Bee

    Do you, day after day, make a promise to train yourself and your horse to be better at something, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time? Don’t worry,... £17.99 Add to cart

  • 50 50-Minute Fixes to Improve Your Riding

    Wendy Murdoch

    Spending days or months correcting bad riding habits or positioning faults in the saddle is not a logical choice in today’s fast-paced society, and this timely training manual provides a... £17.99 Add to cart

  • A General System of Horsemanship

    William Cavendish

    This classic work is both one of the most beautiful books on horses ever published and a highly significant landmark in the development of equestrian technique and literature. The ‘General... £19.99 Add to cart

  • A Guide to Plants Poisonous to Horses

    Keith Allison

    The current move away from the extensive use of agricultural chemicals and the employment of more traditional methods of farming means that the number of different plant species is on... £9.99 Add to cart

  • A History of the Horse

    Paulo Gaviao Gonzaga

    Gonzaga traces the origins of the horse around the world and in particaular on the Iberian Peninsular. Drawing on archiological evidence explains the developement of the horse from hunted animal... £35.00 Add to cart

  • A Journey to Softness

    Mark Rashid

    Mark Rashid shares personal stories about events in his life that helped him on his journey to softness, as well as the stumbling blocks along the way. The narrative includes... £12.99 Add to cart

  • A Sport Psychology Workbook for Riders

    Is your riding performance a series of peaks and troughs? Do you find it hard to concentrate on the right things? Are you easily distracted by negative thoughts? Do you lack self-confidence, fear it, or confuse it with arrogance? Does your riding lack goals and ambition? Do you prepare properly for competition? “A Sport Psychology […]

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  • Academic Equitation


    The Allen Classic Series brings together in a collected edition important out-of-print works of equestrian scholarship, which would otherwise be inaccessible to the dedicated enthusiast.

    Originally written and published in 1949,... £21.99 Add to cart

  • Alexis-Francois L’Hotte: The Quest for Lightness in Equitation

    Hilda Nelson

    Alexis-Francois L’Hotte (1825-1904) was a French general. He attended Saint-Cyr as a young cadet. Since at the time Saint-Cyr had no cavalry school, L’Hotte was sent to Ecole de Cavalerie... £27.50 Add to cart

  • All About Beds and Bedding

    Sian Evans

    Choosing the right bedding and management routine for your horse is a decision that could save time and money. The bedding market has become so advanced that many people are... £5.99 Read more

  • All About Bits and Bridles

    Choosing the right bit and bridle is a vital part of creating a partnership with your horse. This book explains everything you need to know about a complicated subject... £5.99 Add to cart