Allen Photographic Guides

  • All About Beds and Bedding

    Sian Evans

    Choosing the right bedding and management routine for your horse is a decision that could save time and money. The bedding market has become so advanced that many people are... £5.99 Read more

  • All About Bits and Bridles

    Choosing the right bit and bridle is a vital part of creating a partnership with your horse. This book explains everything you need to know about a complicated subject... £5.99 Add to cart

  • All About Grooming

    Grooming is an important part of horse care. It helps you assess and promote your horse‚Äôs well-being, get to know him and present him at his best. This book explains... £5.99 Add to cart

  • All About Long Reining

    Paul Fielder

    This book explains basic long reining and Paul Fielder, an international dressage trainer, shows how his methods achieve success in this skill. All About Long Reining covers the equipment used,... £5.99 Add to cart

  • All About Lungeing

    Lungeing can develop a horse both physically and mentally. Paul Fielder, an international dressage trainer, shows how his methods achieve this by working with nature and not against it.... £5.99 Add to cart

  • All About Manes & Tails

    Carolyn Henderson

    If you have ever wondered how to pull a mane or tail, produce perfect plaits for the show ring or try one of the more unusual plaiting techniques, this book... £5.99 Add to cart

  • All About Poisonous Plants

    All equines are at risk from plant poisoning and many suffer avoidable illness, or even death, every year.

    This invaluable guide contains superb colour photographs which enable the horse owner to... £5.99 Add to cart

  • All About Rugs

    Vanessa Britton

    All About Rugs is a practical guide to when, why and how to rug a horse and which rug to choose. It will provide invaluable for all horse owners who... £5.99 Read more

  • All About Worms

    Sonia Davidson

    Parasites affect every horse and are, therefore, of concern to every horse owner. The dangers cannot be ignored: it is vital to confront the problem in order to prevent unnecessary... £5.99 Read more

  • Boots, Bandages and Studs

    Vanessa Britton

    The profusion of boots, bandages and studs on the market today provides the horse owner with a wide, but confusing, choice, and these support and protective devices can, if incorrectly... £5.99 Add to cart

  • Care & Repair of Saddlery, The

    Robert H. Steinke

    Through his first book Repair Your Own Saddlery and Harness, the author offered a broad-based approach to the maintenance of saddlery and driving harness in general. With this book he... £5.99 Add to cart

  • Dressage Judge’s Viewpoint, The

    Jane Kidd

    In recent years dressage has been the fastest expanding equestrian discipline in Britain and many other countries around the world. As a result, a rapidly increasing number of people... £5.99 Add to cart