Rider and Horse Psychology

  • A Journey to Softness

    Mark Rashid

    Mark Rashid shares personal stories about events in his life that helped him on his journey to softness, as well as the stumbling blocks along the way. The narrative includes... £12.99 Add to cart

  • A Sport Psychology Workbook for Riders

    Is your riding performance a series of peaks and troughs? Do you find it hard to concentrate on the right things? Are you easily distracted by negative thoughts? Do you lack self-confidence, fear it, or confuse it with arrogance? Does your riding lack goals and ambition? Do you prepare properly for competition? “A Sport Psychology […]

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  • Empowered Horses

    Imke Spilker

    Discover how to preserve your horse’s independence in a ‘human’s world’ by becoming more passive, receptive, and accepting, giving your horse the physical and emotional ‘space’ to take an unbelievably... £22.50 Add to cart

  • Horse Profiling

    It is no secret that speed, stamina, jumping ability, and athletic prowess depend on the horse’s physical ability to perform. However, the world has seen many ‘great’ athletic bodies, human... £19.99 Add to cart

  • Horse Psychology

    Moyra Williams

    In Horse Psychology, Moyra Williams, a qualified human psychologist and horse lover, turns her specialist knowledge to the advantage of the horse world and has written a comprehensive study of... £8.99 Add to cart

  • How Horses Learn

    Debbie Marsden

    The proliferation of alternative horse training methods can be bewildering both for the amateur trainer as well as the expert.
    Dr Debbie Marsden, a well respected expert in equine behaviour... £19.99 Add to cart

  • The Behaviour of Horses

    Marthe Kiley-Worthington

    The Behaviour of Horses in Relation to Management and Training is a unique and important work, being a fascinating mixture of scientific fact and original thinking which will stimulate all... £12.50 Add to cart