• A History of the Horse

    Paulo Gaviao Gonzaga

    Gonzaga traces the origins of the horse around the world and in particaular on the Iberian Peninsular. Drawing on archiological evidence explains the developement of the horse from hunted animal... £35.00 Add to cart

  • Design Handbook for Stables and Equestrian Buildings

    Keith Warth

    The aim of the book is to encourage anyone embarking on the construction of a stable yard – whether a single-horse owner or the proprietor of a large professional establishment... £22.50 Add to cart

  • Horse Law

    Julie Mackenzie

    Ten years have elapsed since the last publication of this book, necessitating a substantially revised edition of this invaluable guide to equine law for students, owners and professionals within the... £30.00 Add to cart

  • Not Quite a Horsewoman

    Not Quite a Horsewoman” has, since its publication in 1982, delighted thousands of aspirant riders and horse owners. Now in its third edition and embellished with even more delightful cartoons... Read more

  • Running a Stables as a Business

    Contains everything a prospective proprietor needs to know about finding and financing an establishment. Topics covered include accounting, taxation, legal matters, employing staff, horses, customers, and publicity. With helpful suggestions... Read more

  • Running a Tack Shop as a Business

    Product knowledge and an enthusiasm for the target market are essential ingredients of any business, but they are not the only ones. Indeed, business sense and acumen are ultimately more... Read more

  • The Allen Book of Painting and Drawing Horses

    Jennifer Bell

    Leading equine illustrator Jennifer Bell has revised this beautiful and ever-popular book, which is designed to assist budding artists of all ages. Its encouraging text and inspiring illustrations will help... £9.99 Add to cart

  • The Glovebox Guide to Transporting Horses

    John Henderson

    The Glovebox Guide to Transporting Horses is a comprehensive reference book specializing in all aspects of moving horses in trailers and lorries, from the driving licence requirements to handling horses.... £16.99 Add to cart

  • The International Horseman’s Dictionary

    The essential companion for the international horseman and those engaged in equestrian business. Includes English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish; each entry is illustrated for ease of identification. Covers types... Read more

  • What Horses Do for Us

    Human actions are never without purpose – even if we don’t always consciously know what that purpose is. Riding as exercise, riding as competition, riding as social life, riding as... Read more