Breeding and Stud Management

  • Bloodstock Breeding

    When ‘bloodstock breeding’ was first published in 1957, it was hailed as a standard reference work by an authority on the subject. This completely revised and up-dated edition is an... £30.00 Add to cart

  • Breeding the Racehorse

    Federico Tesio

    There is no book – there can be no book – that will infallibly point the way to successful bloodstock breeding. Yet in the General Stud Book, the sport of... £12.99 Add to cart

  • Equine Stud Management

    Melanie Bailey

    Equine reproduction has been revolutionized by many aspects of new technology since the 1990s. The advancements in veterinary care and expertise available to breeders are remarkably complex and, in many... £15.00 Add to cart

  • First Foal

    Jane van Lennep

    In this delightful yet highly practical handbook for the novice breeder, experienced stud owner Jane van Lennep describes the pleasures and perils of breeding a foal and takes the reader... £16.99 Add to cart

  • Mares, Foals and Foaling

    This indispensable little book with its revolving almanac calendar allowing owners to predict foaling dates and changes of diet will save many owners from false alarms by describing all the... Read more

  • Thoroughbred Breeding

    There are still many unknowns in the breeding of Thoroughbreds, but the international research coalition known as the Equine Genome Project is facilitating many new exciting discoveries. Dr Matthew Binns... £45.00 Add to cart