• The American Saddlebred

    Cheryl R. Lutring

    A profile of the Saddlebred’s unique temperament and its versatility, this volume explores the history of the breed, including its journey to Great Britain (and to Hollywood), and covers showing... £5.99 Read more

  • The Appaloosa

    Not only does the Appaloosa encapsulate colour and beauty, but also it is a truly versatile breed blessed with a willing nature. Anyone who has been lucky enough to own... £5.99 Read more

  • The Arab Horse

    Rosemary Archer

    As one of the oldest breeds, the Arabian is extraordinarily prepotent; it has had a profound influence on light-horse breeding throughout the world. Admired for its beauty and intelligence,... £5.99 Add to cart

  • The Lipizzaner

    Since 1580, Lipizzaners have been bred by the Hapsburgs, the Royal family of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to be used in the Royal carriages and as riding horses in the Royal... Read more