Riding and Schooling

  • 200+ School Exercises with Poles

    Claire Lilley

    This book discusses ground-pole training for all disciplines and shows how you can make the most of precious schooling time. It provides quick and easy pole layouts, using just a... £21.99 Add to cart

  • 50 50-Minute Fixes to Improve Your Riding

    Wendy Murdoch

    Spending days or months correcting bad riding habits or positioning faults in the saddle is not a logical choice in today’s fast-paced society, and this timely training manual provides a... £17.99 Add to cart

  • Breathe Life Into Your Riding

    Jenny Rolfe

    Inspired by the connection that breathing techniques can bring, this follow-up to Ride From the Heart is written to empower trainers, teachers and riders of all disciplines to connect with... £22.50 Add to cart

  • Cavalletti

    Every horse, no matter in what discipline it is ridden, will benefit from
    working with cavalletti. For Olympic champion Ingrid Klimke, riding
    over cavalletti is key to success.
    Cavalletti training... £18.99 Add to cart

  • Centered Riding

    Sally Swift

    Sally Swift’s “Centered Riding” is a classic equestrian text and has sold over 150,000 copies worldwide. Its publication 21 years ago caused a revolution in riding by demonstrating how good... £25.00 Read more

  • Cobs Can!

    Omar Rabia

    With the popularity of the cob rising year by year, it’s time to extol the virtues of this humble hero of the horse world. Cobs Can! is an instructional training... £22.50 Add to cart

  • Core Connection for Rider & Horse

    Lindsay Wilcox-Reid

    The book outlines the connections within – the different factors affecting the horse/rider partnership (e.g. rider biomechanics, horse posture and proprioception, saddle balance, mental focus, how horses learn). Lindsay looks... £22.50 Add to cart

  • Four Steps to Riding Success

    Karin Blignault

    Karin Blignault has combined theory and experimentation to develop a system of training (and teaching) that is straightforward, fast and brings real results. The methods described in this book teach... £19.99 Add to cart

  • From Leading to Liberty

    Jutta Wiemers

    In this book, Jutta Wiemers describes 100 ‘smart’ games through which you can achieve a perfect partnership with your horse. The games are progressive and range from simple leading and... £25.00 Add to cart

  • Fundamentals of Riding

    Charles Harris

    The last few decades have seen a phenomenal increase in the number of people who ride. The sport has attracted them from all walks of life and from all age... £9.95 Add to cart

  • Give Your Horse A Chance

    A.L. D'Endrody

    The author was a member of the Royal Hungarian Olympic three-day-event team, a champion race-rider, and a leading showjumper. Representing a lifetime of experience, this book has long been regarded as a masterpiece and source of inspiration, information and wisdom for serious riders and competitors.

    £29.99 Add to cart
  • Horse Training In-hand

    This book sets out to show you that lightness in hand can be achieved by every horse. For some horses it is easy, due to conformation and a general aptitude... £22.50 Add to cart