• A Silversmith’s Manual

    Bernard Cuzner

    A Silversmith’s Manual has been reprinted yet again in response to public demand. The author, Bernard Cuzner, was a leading authority on working in silver – not only as... £15.99 Add to cart

  • Artificial Gemstones

    Michael O'Donoghue

    This title is now in paperback for the first time.Artificial gemstones have been well established in the trade for some time, but now, following further refinements in their manufacture, gemmologists... £14.99 Add to cart

  • Directory of European Porcelain

    Ludwig Danckert

    This new edition of the “Danckert” – the benchmark in terms of reference books in European Porcelain – has been very thoroughly revised and considerably expanded by the author. The... £30.00 Add to cart

  • Engraving on Precious Metals

    Engraving by hand is the oldest art of mankind and one that still flourishes today. With a simple message the precious metal engraver can give a unique personality to an... £17.99 Add to cart

  • Gem and Ornamental Materials of Organic Origin

    Maggie Campbell Pedersen

    The materials covered in the book include Amber and Copal; Jet; Ivory; Bone; Antler; Rhino horn; Horn; Tortoiseshell; Pearl; Shell; Coral, and other materials of plant and animal origin that... £39.95 Add to cart

  • Gem Identification Made Easy

    Antoinette L. Matlins

    This is the first and only book that explains in non-technical terms how to use pocket, portable and laboratory instruments to identify diamonds and coloured gems and to separate them... £25.00 Add to cart

  • Gemmologists’ Compendium

    Robert Webster

    This is the seventh edition of a book which has been for years the ‘bible’ of professional and amateur gemmologists, as well as retail jewellers. Originally written by Robert Webster,... £17.99 Add to cart

  • Gemmology

    Peter G. Read

    Since “Gemmology” was published, readers have used it to gain an in-depth appreciation of the science of gemmology, its history and practice.This third edition has been completely revised to cover... £25.99 Add to cart

  • Gems

    Michael O'Donoghue

    Since it was published in 1962, “Gems” has become universally recognized as the most comprehensive and authoritative treatise on gem materials in the English language. Now in its sixth edition,... £90.00 Add to cart

  • Identification of Gemstones

    Michael O'Donoghue

    “Identification of Gemstones” is a comprehensive reference guide to gem and ornamental materials, and outlines all the features a gem tester has to know before making an identification.The experienced author... £43.99 Add to cart

  • Ivory

    Maggie Campbell Pedersen

    Ivory has been held in the highest esteem for millennia. This comprehensive and authoritative study of this beautiful and versatile material provides a global history of ivory – from the... £50.00 Add to cart

  • Jewellery Making for Profit

    James E. Hickling

    Here, for the first time, is a book that tells you how to go about making jewellery for profit. The main difference between making jewellery for pleasure and making jewellery... £17.99 Add to cart