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  • 4001 Babies’ Names and Their Meanings

    James Glennon

    This is essential reading for parents-to-be. It reveals the meanings of over four thousand names, both well known and less well known, and explains their origins from many languages, ancient... £1.99 Add to cart

  • 5000 Baby Names

    This is essential reading for parents-to-be! It reveals the meaning of 5,000 names, both commonplace and unusual, and how these thousands of names take their sources from many languages, ancient... £4.99 Add to cart

  • A Breach of Trust

    John Dean

    A crooked businessman suffers a fall at home and there is no reason to think it is anything other than an accident until after he dies when information comes to... £19.99 Add to cart

  • A Bullet for Lawless

    Steve Hayes

    When ex-lawman Ben Lawless took a bushwhacker’s bullet that almost killed him he knew the man who’d shot him and he also knew that the bushwhacker never missed: so why... £13.99 £13.99 Add to cart

  • A Close Connection

    Patricia Fawcett

    A Close Connection tells the story of Eleanor and Henry Nightingale and Paula and Alan Walker, two very different couples brought together by the marriage of Nicola, the Nightingales’ daughter,... £19.99 Add to cart

  • A Compendium of Herbal Magick

    Paul Beyerl

    Contents include:
    The Magickal Classification of Herbs
    Aphrodisiacal, fertility, consecration, immortality, love, protection, purification, magickal, visionary and more
    A Guide to the Usage of Magickal Herbs
    Over 200 entries covered... £15.99 Add to cart

  • A Crowded Coffin

    Nicola Slade

    It is late summer in Hampshire and former headmistress, Harriet Quigley, is enjoying life. Her cousin Sam is moving next door and the only cloud on the horizon is village... £19.99 Add to cart

  • A Crown of Despair

    Jenny Mandeville

    Having sent his last wife to the block, the tyrannical Henry VIII sets his lustful sights upon an innocent and unworldly gentlewoman, the recently widowed, Katherine Parr. In mourning for... £19.99 Add to cart

  • A Death at South Gare

    Dan Latus

    Frank Doy is troubled when he finds a body in heavy seas off the South Gare breakwater at the mouth of the River Tees. His mood deteriorates further when he... £19.99 Add to cart

  • A Duellist in Kansas

    Tom R Wade

    British Army officer John Carshalton is serving in Canada when he gets into a battle with a Frenchman over the affections of a girl. The dispute ends with Carshalton killing... £14.50 Add to cart

  • A Final Shoot-out

    J.D. Kincaid

    When Abe Fletcher is released from prison, he is anxious to reclaim his inheritance – a particularly beautiful and flourishing ranch. At the same time, bank robbers Red Ned Davis... £14.50 Add to cart

  • A Full Churchyard

    Nicholas Rhea

    Detective Inspector Montague Pluke, of CID, is England’s most superstitious police officer. With crime at its lowest level for years, he decides to conduct a cold-case review.

    But there are no... £19.99 Add to cart