Black Horse Western

  • A Bullet for Lawless

    Steve Hayes

    When ex-lawman Ben Lawless took a bushwhacker’s bullet that almost killed him he knew the man who’d shot him and he also knew that the bushwhacker never missed: so why... £13.99 £13.99 Add to cart

  • A Duellist in Kansas

    Tom R Wade

    British Army officer John Carshalton is serving in Canada when he gets into a battle with a Frenchman over the affections of a girl. The dispute ends with Carshalton killing... £14.50 Add to cart

  • A Final Shoot-out

    J.D. Kincaid

    When Abe Fletcher is released from prison, he is anxious to reclaim his inheritance – a particularly beautiful and flourishing ranch. At the same time, bank robbers Red Ned Davis... £14.50 Add to cart

  • A Man Called Crow

    Chris Adam Smith

    Old time lawman Charlie Crow finds peace and tranquility in Wyoming, but before he can settle down with the woman he loves, he must face a distant and dangerous past.

    The... £14.50 Add to cart

  • A Noose for Iron Eyes

    Rory Black

    The infamous bounty hunter Iron Eyes has been on the trail of a gang since their last brutal bank robbery. Following them into a remote settlement, he meets a local... £14.50 Add to cart

  • A Rope for Iron Eyes

    Rory Black

    Notorious bounty hunter Iron Eyes has the scent of his prey in his nostrils as he corners the deadly Brand brothers in a house with a red lamp above its... £13.75 Add to cart

  • A Storm in Montana

    Will DuRey

    Clancy Jarrett possesses a quick and violent temper and the citizens of Brannigan are careful not to cross him. But when his stagecoach hold-up is thwarted by three trail-herders his... £13.75 Add to cart

  • A Town Called Innocence

    Simon Webb

    Will Bennett is down on his luck with a vengeance. Falsely convicted of murder and sentenced to hang, it seems as though the end of his young life is in... £14.50 Add to cart

  • All Must Die

    I.J. Parnham

    A spree of unexplained murders shocked Monotony’s townsfolk, but when bank raider Sykes Caine was caught the killings stopped. Although Sykes pleaded his innocence, he got ten years.

    When Sykes... £13.99 Add to cart

  • Along the Tonto Rim

    Will Durey

    Dick Lazarus and his raiders are feared on both sides of the Rio Grande. Landowners and townspeople alike have been victim of his vicious attacks, and Lazarus’s operation of blackmail... £14.50 Add to cart

  • Apache Spring

    J.D. Kincaid

    A band of young Apache braves rampages across Dawson County, New Mexico and, when a stagecoach bound for El Paso is held up, all but one of the coach’s passengers... £13.99 Add to cart

  • Arkansas Bushwhackers

    Will DuRey

    Wandering ex-Union soldier Charlie Jefferson strikes up a friendship with Henry and Dave Willis in Pottersville, Arkansas. The brothers are planning to drive cattle from Texas to the logging camps... £13.99 Add to cart