Black Horse Western

  • Assault on Fort Bennett

    Fenton Sadler

    It is 1866 and Colonel Thomas Sykes, late of the Confederate Army, is in Milledgeville gaol, waiting to be hanged, but he is pardoned and freed from prison, on condition... £13.99 Add to cart

  • Back from Boot Hill

    Colin Bainbridge

    After finding himself in a coffin, on the way to Boot Hill, Clay Tulane wants answers.

    As he pieces together the story of how he got there with the help of... £13.75 Add to cart

  • Backshooter

    Dale Graham

    Reece Willard and Dandy Sam Foley are partners running the Rolling Dice saloon in Three Forks, Montana. When they take out an extra loan for an adjoining dance hall, neither... £13.75 Add to cart

  • Bad Blood

    Corba Sunman

    Cal Burnett, deputy US Marshal, rides into Pike’s Peak, Kansas, after an absence of ten years, expecting to find the town as he had left it. Any hopes of this... £14.50 Add to cart

  • Bad Night at the Crazy Bull

    John Dyson

    After a night of gambling and hooch-spiked drinking at the Crazy Bull Hotel, young rancher Glen Stone wakes up to find himself in bed with Katrina, one of the hotel’s... £13.99 Add to cart

  • Badman Sheriff

    Simon Webb

    When the citizens of Cooper’s Creek vote Ned Turner to be their sheriff, they are blind to what a deadly mistake they are making: Turner is a lawless rogue looking... £13.75 Add to cart

  • Bandit’s Gold

    Alexander Frew

    When Joe Flint meets Matt Harper and Pete Brogan, he cannot help but be enticed by their tales of gold and mystery. They tell him of a legendary Mexican leader... £14.50 Add to cart

  • Bitter Creek Ranch

    Sarah Essex

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid have grown tired of their adrenaline-packed lifestyle. Now owners of the Bitter Creek Ranch, they have swapped robbing banks and trains for a slower... £14.50 Add to cart

  • Bitter Trail

    Dale Graham

    After being left for dead during a hold-up with the Nevada Blackjacks led by ruthless Big-Nose Rafe Culpepper, Cheyenne Brady endures five years’ incarceration in prison where he focuses on... £13.75 Add to cart

  • Black Gold

    Dale Graham

    After being paid off for delivering horses to the army, Del Gannon and his partner, Johnny Concho, stop off in Yuma. Del aims to quit the tough business of bronc... £13.75 Add to cart

  • Black Horse Creek

    Corba Sunman

    Deputy Sheriff Lew Kennett is up against it: the Hap Ivy gang are on the prowl, rustlers are at work and a thief is making himself extremely busy in town.... £13.99 Add to cart

  • Blackjacks of Nevada

    Ethan Flagg

    Five years in prison has given Cheyenne Brady plenty of time to dwell on revenge after being left for dead during a hold-up by the Nevada Blackjacks.

    Upon his release Brady... £13.75 Add to cart