Black Horse Western

  • Triplecross Trail

    Josh Lockwood

    The Lost Treasure Ship of the Mojave, said to be loaded with a cargo of black pearls from the Sea of Cortez, was probably the oldest, most persistent tale of... £13.75 Add to cart

  • Trouble at Nathan’s Ford

    Jack Sheriff

    When a planned bank robbery in Drystone City results in the death of the owner’s wife, Cage turns his back on lawlessness and heads home. But when he arrives in... £13.75 Add to cart

  • West of the Bar 10

    Boyd Cassidy

    A group of mysterious riders are racing along the western border of the infamous Bar 10 spread, determined to fulfil their mission: to kill Johnny Puma.

    With time running out, Johnny... £13.99 Add to cart

  • Whiplash

    Owen G. Irons

    Sandy Rivers was taking a well-deserved rest in the trail head town of Durant, Colorado when the dying man staggered to his saloon table. The injured man had been whiplashed... £13.75 Add to cart

  • Whirlwind

    Fenton Sadler

    Hohanonivah, a Cheyenne orphan, is taken in as a child by Patrick and Esther Jackson, who raise him as their own son. When, years later, his adoptive parents are brutally... £13.75 Add to cart

  • White Wind

    C.J. Sommers

    Spuds McCain is convinced the White Wind brings disaster to all those who sense its message although Hobie Lee is sceptical. But bad things do happen to the Starr-Diamond Ranch... £13.75 Add to cart

  • Wild West Detective

    James Clay

    Rance Dehner, an operative for the Lowrie Detective Agency, pursues a wanted killer to the small town of Hardin, Texas. After bringing down the killer in a gunfight, Dehner discovers... £13.99 Add to cart

  • Wyoming Blood Feud

    Dale Graham

    Neither Rafe Charnely nor his son Jeff could have foreseen how quickly their family tensions would escalate into a full blown feud. Father and son clash when Jeff falls in... £14.50 Add to cart