Robert Hale Publishing

  • Witchcraft for Tomorrow

    Doreen Valiente

    Now reissued again due to popular demand, Witchcraft for Tomorrow answers many frequently asked questions about witchcraft including: ‘How can I find a witches’ coven?’ and ‘How can I become... £9.99 Add to cart

  • Witchcraft Out of the Shadows

    Leo Ruickbie

    This complete history of witchcraft from Ancient Greece to the present day charts the rise and development of witchcraft and the modern witchcraft religion of Wicca.

    Today witchcraft is on... £9.99 Add to cart

  • Women of Straw

    Carole Llewellyn

    In 1865, Luton in Bedfordshire is famous for manufacturing straw boaters worn everywhere, although times and fashions are changing. Kate Devlin, the eldest of three children, helps her mother, Rose,run... £19.99 Add to cart

  • Worcestershire

    The second longest river in England flows through Worcestershire and its gentle hills have some of the oldest rocks in the world. Now a peaceful county of great beauty, Worcestershire’s... £35.00 Add to cart

  • Writers’ Houses

    Writers’ Houses reflects Britain’s impressive literary and architectural heritage, offering a revealing insight into how leading British writers lived and wrote.

    Illustrated in colour, the book guides you through the... £22.00 Add to cart

  • Writing the Screenplay

    Jill Nelmes

    Writing the Screenplay not only guides you through the stages needed to create a good screenplay but also encourages you to develop dramatic situations, as well as creating vivid characters... £12.99 Add to cart

  • Wyoming Blood Feud

    Dale Graham

    Neither Rafe Charnely nor his son Jeff could have foreseen how quickly their family tensions would escalate into a full blown feud. Father and son clash when Jeff falls in... £14.50 Add to cart

  • Yummy Discoveries: The Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book

    This is the indispensable handbook for any parent preparing to wean their child. Not only does it contain over a hundred healthy, flavoursome recipes suitable for weaning babies, but it... £9.99 Add to cart

  • Yummy Discoveries: Worry-Free Weaning

    Worry-free Weaning will empower you to help your child to establish a healthy relationship with food: giving the facts and dispelling the myths about the weaning process so that you... £11.99 Add to cart