Crime Fiction

  • A Breach of Trust

    John Dean

    A crooked businessman suffers a fall at home and there is no reason to think it is anything other than an accident until after he dies when information comes to... £19.99 Add to cart

  • A Crowded Coffin

    Nicola Slade

    It is late summer in Hampshire and former headmistress, Harriet Quigley, is enjoying life. Her cousin Sam is moving next door and the only cloud on the horizon is village... £19.99 Add to cart

  • A Death at South Gare

    Dan Latus

    Frank Doy is troubled when he finds a body in heavy seas off the South Gare breakwater at the mouth of the River Tees. His mood deteriorates further when he... £19.99 Add to cart

  • A Full Churchyard

    Nicholas Rhea

    Detective Inspector Montague Pluke, of CID, is England’s most superstitious police officer. With crime at its lowest level for years, he decides to conduct a cold-case review.

    But there are no... £19.99 Add to cart

  • A Narrow Margin of Error

    Faith Martin

    Ex-DI Hilary Green, now working as a civilian consultant to her former Thames Valley bosses, is happy to be handed another cold case murder file. Who killed a young Oxford... £19.99 Add to cart

  • A Narrow Victory

    Faith Martin

    Once again, ex-DI Hillary Greene is delving into the archives, trying to discover who killed an interior designer at a swanky New Year’s Eve Party in 1999. Somebody clearly didn’t... £19.99 Add to cart

  • A Question of Loyalty

    Peter Taylor

    Investigating the murders of three men stirs up trouble for DI Alex Graham, causing him to relive a past tragedy. Working with his old lover, DS Best, Graham must delve... £19.99 Add to cart

  • An Oxford Tragedy

    Norman Russell

    1894, Sir Montague Fowler, warden of St Michael’s College, Oxford, dies from apparent natural causes. Before long vicious rumours begin to circulate about the actual cause of his death, and... £19.99 Add to cart

  • An Unholy Mess

    Joyce Cato

    In the small Cotswold village of Heyford Bassett, vicar’s wife Monica Noble throws a party for the village’s new residents. The guests include Margaret Franklyn and her philandering husband Sean,... £19.99 Add to cart

  • An Unholy Whiff of Death

    Joyce Cato

    When asked to judge the neighbouring village’s Flower Show, vicar’s wife Monica Noble is thrilled, even if she can’t tell a begonia from an azalea!

    This year, competition is fierce,... £19.99 Add to cart

  • And Then You’re Dead

    Dan Latus

    John Tait finds his wife and son missing when he returns from a business trip to his home in a peaceful Northumberland village. Anxiety turns to fear and dread when... £19.99 Add to cart

  • Angel and the Actress

    Roger Silverwood

    Award winning actress, Joan Minter, is murdered in front of a gathering of her closest friends. However, nobody knows who the murderer is, nobody saw him or her, and... £19.99 Add to cart