Crime Fiction

  • The Winding Stair

    Millie Vigor

    A single red rose on her doorstep and anonymous phone calls have reduced writer Ginny Harvey to a nervous wreck. Seeking peace and telling no one where she is going,... £19.99 Add to cart

  • The Work of a Narrow Mind

    Faith Martin

    When ex-DI Hillary Greene, now working for the cold case squad, is handed the case of the murder of a harmless old woman, who’d been brutally battered to death in... £19.99 Add to cart

  • Vengeance

    Roy Chester

    DCI Falcon and the team rally round to support forensic psychiatrist Fiona Nightingale after she is attacked by an unknown assailant in a manner frighteningly reminiscent of a previous attack.... £19.99 Add to cart

  • Walk a Narrow Mile

    Faith Martin

    Ex-DI Hillary Greene, now working as a consultant to the cold-case team of the Thames Valley Police is still traumatized by a vicious attack from a stalker who, it now... £19.99 Add to cart

  • We’ll Be Watching You

    Eileen Robertson

    Christine Brett has two problems: one, her disempowering divorce and the other, caring for her invalid mother, Emily. Matters don’t improve when Christine becomes obsessed with Neighbourhood Watch and reports... £19.99 Add to cart