• A Home in the Country

    Sheelagh Mawe

    During the Second World War, some 3 million people were evacuated from British towns and cities due to the danger of German air attacks. Most evacuees were children; many were... £18.99 Add to cart

  • All Along the River

    Pauline Conolly

    All Along the River: Tales from the Thames is an engaging and humorous guide to England’s most famous river, serving as a companion volume to more practical books about the... £16.99 Add to cart

  • Big Game Hunter

    Norman Etherington

    ‘He led a singularly adventurous and fascinating life, with just the right alternations between the wilderness and civilization.’
    Teddy Roosevelt, 1917

    This book tells the story of an adventurer, hunter and... £19.99 Add to cart

  • Gallipoli

    At the start of the First World War, Arthur Beecroft was a recently qualified barrister in his twenties. Determined to enlist despite a medical condition, he volunteered for military service,... £12.99 Add to cart

  • Growing Older with Jane Austen

    Maggie Lane

    That Jane Austen is enduringly popular with both a general readership and academics can admit of no doubt. But amid the wealth of approaches to her life and work, no... £16.99 Add to cart

  • I Leap Over the Wall

    Monica Baldwin

    At the age of twenty-one, Monica Baldwin – the niece of Stanley Baldwin – entered one of the oldest and most strictly enclosed contemplative orders of the Roman... £10.99 Add to cart

  • Itchen Memories

    G.E.M. Skues

    More than a mere collection of fishy tales and of days long past spent pottering beside the river, Itchen Memories concerns just one very special stretch of this lovely chalk... £25.00 Add to cart

  • Love in Red China’s Garden

    Adrian Webber

    Adrian Webber is about to give up a respectable career in hospital management to follow his dream of becoming a garden designer at the prestigious botanical gardens in Beijing. As... £11.99 Add to cart

  • Manhunter

    Ian Maxwell

    Manhunter is the ultimate guide to tracking skills in both wild and urban environments. Written by an experienced tracker, the book looks at the qualities and skills you need to... £18.99 Add to cart

  • Mario Lanza

    Derek Mannering

    Mario Lanza: A Life in Pictures is a stunning collection of photographs and illustrations that captures the fabulous and tumultuous times of the greatest romantic tenor of the twentieth century.... £17.99 Add to cart

  • Picked Up, Patched Up and Sent Home

    Carl Walker

    In this personal, irreverent book, Carl Walker represents the average stories of average people whose lives are routinely and often unnoticeably held together by the people who work in the... £9.99 Add to cart

  • Stop! Armed Police!

    Stephen Smith

    Join veteran crime-fighter Stephen Smith on a journey through the dark and dangerous world of the Metropolitan Police specialist firearms command from its inception in 1966, when the cold-blooded murder... £25.00 Add to cart