Art, Design and Practical Reference

  • Advanced Pottery

    Linda Bloomfield

    Advanced Pottery describes and illustrates the latest pottery techniques, particularly for making large or complex pots, with examples from leading potters from the UK and abroad.

    The book shows work from... £30.99 Add to cart

  • Basic Watercolour

    Charles Williams

    Watercolour has an anomalous position in the visual arts. Its association with Victorian lady-amateurs, the (incorrect) idea that it is a fugitive medium and will fade over time, as well... £18.99 Add to cart

  • Cherry’s Model Engines

    David Carpenter

    Model engineering is generally considered to be a man thing, as men in sheds everywhere don overalls and shape metal into models. But arguably the world’s greatest model engineer, Cherry... £30.00 Add to cart

  • Colours of Nature: Botanical Painting

    Colours of Nature is the perfect companion for anyone who is puzzled by the seemingly unpredictable behaviour of the paints on their palette, as well as those who would like... £30.00 Add to cart

  • Doctors’ Latin

    Keith Souter

    There is a perception that doctors speak among themselves in an arcane language, bounce classic Latin and Greek diagnoses at their patients and write prescriptions in an indecipherable Latin scrawl... £10.99 Add to cart

  • Making Master Guitars

    Roy Courtnal

    Making Master Guitars is a craftsman’s handbook about the exciting and challenging pursuit of making classical guitars, a craft that the author reveals to be surprisingly accessible by following his... £75.00 Add to cart

  • Masters of Mosaic

    Oliver Budd

    Masters of Mosaic gives an exclusive insight into the work and specialist skills of twelve of England’s premier contemporary mosaic artists.

    Each chapter is written by a different artist and gives... £25.00 Add to cart

  • Neglected Music

    Neil Butterworth

    This book is a unique guide for musicians who are seeking new material to perform. Over 400 pieces of music from the seventeenth century to the present day have been... £12.99 Add to cart

  • Restoration Stone Carving

    Alan Micklethwaite

    Few decorative crafts can claim to be more ancient than stone carving, with the earliest carved objects being dated well into prehistory. The greatest monuments to human civilization, from the... £25.00 Add to cart

  • Shades of Light

    Ruth De Fraga Gomes

    Traditional lampshade-making has, for many years, been a sadly overlooked craft, as cheap to buy and readily available modern card shades have become the norm. However, with the resurgence of... £17.99 £17.99 Add to cart

  • Stained Glass

    Steve Clare

    The constantly evolving medium of stained glass, which combines form and function in a unique and beautiful way, has produced breathtaking works across the centuries. This book gives a personal... £40.00 Add to cart

  • The Complete Guide to Living with Thatch

    Michael Billett

    The author guides the reader through the development of thatching, the materials used including imported ones and the artistic work that creates the charm and beauty of a thatched roof.... £30.00 Add to cart