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  • 4001 Babies’ Names and Their Meanings

    James Glennon

    This is essential reading for parents-to-be. It reveals the meanings of over four thousand names, both well known and less well known, and explains their origins from many languages, ancient... £1.99 Add to cart

  • 5000 Baby Names

    This is essential reading for parents-to-be! It reveals the meaning of 5,000 names, both commonplace and unusual, and how these thousands of names take their sources from many languages, ancient... £4.99 Add to cart

  • Food and Your Special Needs Child

    Children with special needs and disabilities may have accompanying issues with food and eating. This practical guide for parents will help navigate this often difficult terrain.

    In typically developing children,... £12.99 Add to cart

  • Picked Up, Patched Up and Sent Home

    Carl Walker

    In this personal, irreverent book, Carl Walker represents the average stories of average people whose lives are routinely and often unnoticeably held together by the people who work in the... £9.99 Add to cart

  • Sleep and Your Special Needs Child

    Sleep is vital for children’s well-being. Without enough sleep their health, mood, behaviour and learning ability may all be impaired. Research shows that children with additional needs are more likely... £12.99 Add to cart

  • The Journey Through Assessment

    Are you worried that there is something wrong with your child? Many parents have concerns about their child’s development, and going through the process of assessment and diagnosis can be... £12.99 Add to cart

  • The Politics of Washing

    Polly Coles

    This is the story of ordinary life in an extraordinary place.

    The beautiful city of Venice has been a fantasy land for people from around the globe for centuries, but what... £9.99 Add to cart

  • Wearing Combovers and 49 Other Things That the Modern Man Shouldn’t Do

    Carl Walker

    Modern men have a tendency to do a lot of unusual things. Some wear comedy socks and ties. Others labour under the curious misapprehension that cycling without using ones hands... £6.99 Add to cart

  • Yummy Discoveries: The Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book

    This is the indispensable handbook for any parent preparing to wean their child. Not only does it contain over a hundred healthy, flavoursome recipes suitable for weaning babies, but it... £9.99 Add to cart

  • Yummy Discoveries: Worry-Free Weaning

    Worry-free Weaning will empower you to help your child to establish a healthy relationship with food: giving the facts and dispelling the myths about the weaning process so that you... £11.99 Add to cart