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  • The Message From The Horse

    Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

    Every human enters this life and begins a journey. The path travelled is unique to each individual, and for some, the main streets and popular thoroughfares provide all that’s needed...

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  • Globetrotting

    Rosie Jones McVey

    In Globetrotting horse trainer Rosie Jones McVey goes backpacking around the world in search of horse-training secrets. This is the story of her journey, across three continents, exploring horsemanship in...

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  • Katie Jerram’s Modern Horse Management

    Good stable management is at the heart of keeping a horse happy, healthy and sound, and anyone who is responsible for a horse’s day-to-day care has a huge responsibility. In...

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  • Nimrod: A Cavalry Black

    Juliet Blaxland

    Meet Nimrod, a typical horse in the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment. He’s big, black and brave, yet steady as a rock. But what’s his story, and how is he trained...

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  • The Dressage Horse Optimized

    Welcome to dressage like you’ve never seen it before! In this fascinating and highly illustrated book, Jim Masterson – creator of the Masterson Method – works with a crack team...

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  • The Basic Training of the Young Horse

    Ingrid and Reiner Klimke

    Over thirty years after the first publication of Reiner Klimke’s classic work comes this new edition, with completely new photos and updated by his daughter, Ingrid.

    Based on sound practical and...

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  • Training Dogs for Protection Work

    Training Dogs for Protection Work is a comprehensive guide to the selection and training of dogs for protection work. The authors, both professional trainers, have a profound understanding of both...

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  • The Compassionate Equestrian

    This marvelous book, borne of a unique collaboration between Dr Allen Schoen – a world-renowned veterinarian and author – and trainer and competitor of many years, Susan Gordon, introduces the...

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  • From the Horse’s Mouth

    Erik Herbermann

    From the Horse’s Mouth is a completely revised and expanded edition of its predecessor A Horseman’s Notes. Based on years of practical teaching experience, respected teacher and author Erik Herbermann...

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  • The Complete Guide to Polo

    Lauren Dibble

    The Complete Guide to Polo is the perfect resource for anyone interested in finding out more about this exciting game, especially those new to the sport. It discusses the history...

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  • Training and Riding with Cones and Poles

    Sigrid Schöpe

    Simple to use and inexpensive to acquire, cones and poles are a valuable addition to the regular work you do with your horse, both on the ground and in the...

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  • Equestrian Pilates

    Sue Gould-Wright

    In this book, Sue Gould-Wright, a qualified Pilates instructor and sports massage therapist, takes general Pilates principles and applies them specifically to riders’ needs. She recognises that most riders are...

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  • Lungeing, Long-Reining and In-Hand Schooling

    Claire Lilley

    Schooling the horse is not just about riding – many problems or misunderstandings between horse and rider can, and should be, sorted out on the ground before attempting to ride...

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