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  • Ivory

    Maggie Campbell Pedersen

    Ivory has been held in the highest esteem for millennia. This comprehensive and authoritative study of this beautiful and versatile material provides a global history of ivory – from the...

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  • Gem and Ornamental Materials of Organic Origin

    Maggie Campbell Pedersen

    The materials covered in the book include Amber and Copal; Jet; Ivory; Bone; Antler; Rhino horn; Horn; Tortoiseshell; Pearl; Shell; Coral, and other materials of plant and animal origin that...

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  • Restoring Grandfather Clocks

    The grandfather clock, an entirely new kind of furniture, first appeared in the late seventeenth century. From then on, with its long case to protect pendulum and weights, its rugged...

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  • The Watchmaker’s and Model Engineer’s Lathe

    Donald de Carle

    Now in its sixth edition, this book is the definitive work on the small precision lathe, past and present. The bulk of de Carle’s original text has been retained and...

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  • The Verge Pocket Watch

    Christopher Barrow

    Following the success of The Pocket Watch, which has helped many people rescue old watches from the drawers in which they have languished, sometimes for years, Chris Barrow has produced...

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  • Watch and Clock Making and Repairing

    W.G. Gazeley

    First published in 1953, this authoritative work, which was based on a lifetime’s practical experience, has been in continuous demand and is recognized as a classic work on the subject....

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  • A Silversmith’s Manual

    Bernard Cuzner

    A Silversmith’s Manual has been reprinted yet again in response to public demand. The author, Bernard Cuzner, was a leading authority on working in silver – not only as...

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  • Synthetic, Imitation & Treated Gemstones

    Michael O’Donoghue

    Today buyers cannot be sure whether or not a gemstone is man-made, if its colour has been produced artificially and if it will survive life in a piece of jewellery....

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  • Practical Watch Adjusting

    Donald de Carle

    “No writer can have added more volumes to the horological bookshelf than Donald de Carle, and his careful and detailed approach to the technical side of the craft has done...

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  • Repairing Old Clocks and Watches

    Anthony J. Whiten

    Amateur repairers of clocks and watches grow in number every year as they discover the delights and challenges of the horological hobby. Often an initiate will begin with one of...

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  • Practical Jewellery Repair

    James E. Hickling

    For the jewellery repairer, ‘the ideal is the repair that cannot be detected’. The means of achieving that result, says author James Hickling, may not be the orthodox one, so...

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  • Practical Gemmology

    DeeDee Cunningham

    Robert Webster’s highly regarded work, Practical Gemmology, first published in 1943, has been through six editions and numerous reprints and was long considered the standard work for those learning the...

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