Training Dogs for Protection Work


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781908809384.
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Publication Date: 31 July 2015


Training Dogs for Protection Work is a comprehensive guide to the selection and training of dogs for protection work. The authors, both professional trainers, have a profound understanding of both human and canine psychology. They stress the importance of correct attitude and commitment on the part of the owner/handler and explain the role in forming a working partnership between handler and dog. In clear, conversational tones they guide the reader through the choice of puppy and early training, then examine the three areas of obedience, protection and tracking which together produce the working protection dog.

This book pulls no punches in its condemnation of abusive techniques and also tackles popular training misconceptions. Training Dogs for Protection Work will provide invaluable to both amateur and professional handlers as well as assisting every dog owner to understand more about the basics of correct handling and training.