Herbal Horsekeeping


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780851318745.
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Publication Date: 28 November 2003


In the past, when horses roamed free, they instinctively maintained their health by seeking out and consuming a variety of grasses, grains, herbs, and mineral-salt deposits at specific times of the year or for specific physical needs. The lives of our modern horses are very different – they are often confined, their exercise usually consists of structured workouts for specific sports, and they are fed processed food and medicated with pharmaceutical chemicals. In an effort to live healthier, more natural lives, many people are returning to more traditional health-care methods for themselves, and now, we can do our horses the same favour. “Herbal Horsekeeping” introduces the reader to the ins-and-outs of one of the oldest and most effective medical methods. Topics covered include: understanding, growing, and preparing herbs; herbs for your horse’s general health, and for the performance and breeding horse; and treatments for specific conditions and basic recipes. Included is a list of specific herbs, their identifying characteristics, and their individual actions.