The Truth About Feeding Your Horse

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780851319186.
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Publication Date: 28 February 2007


Confused by the conflicting advice on nutrition and the numerous products on the shelves? The Truth About Feeding Your Horse is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to every aspect of equine nutrition, making it essential reading for owners, stable managers, trainers and students. Topics include:

the digestive process
feeding behaviour
essential nutrients and their roles in the body
different types of feeds including compounds, forages and supplements
how to assess a horse a then formulate an individual feed ration
how to feed for different workloads and disciplines
feeding older horses, breeding and growing horses
feeding more naturally
how to feed horses with clinical problems including laminitis and tying up
feeding myths

Correct nutrition is vital for good health and performance in horses, and it depends entirely on correct feeding, but feeding horses today can seem a complex business: the huge variety and number of products available give owners a great deal of choice, but also make feeding horses more complicated than it really is.

Written by equine nutrition and feeding expert Clare MacLeod MSc RNutr, The Truth About Feeding Your Horse demystifies nutrition, giving horse owners the knowledge and confidence to choose the best feed and feeding regime for their horses.

Written in language every horse owner can understand, this book is packed full of information that serves as a point of reference. No matter what question comes up, the answer can be found inside.

Take responsibility for your horse’s health by optimising their nutrition. You owe it to them and they will thank you for it.