Riding Logic

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780851319513.
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Publication Date: 01 November 2007


Since it was first published in 1937, Museler’s text on riding and horsemanship has become an international classic. An expert horseman, the author not only provides a wealth of practical knowledge and experience that will help readers attain and maintain the highest level of riding skill, he also offers the theoretical tools that can transform the experienced rider into the classical equestrian ideal: an ‘artist on horseback’.Full of all new colour photos as well as the brilliantly clear drawings that first made the original editions so sought after, the book offers sections on perfecting the rider’s seat, hands, balance, and use of the back; schooling both the green and trained horse on the flat; introductory exercises on the trail and over fences; and corrective work for various behavioural or training problems. Timeless, insightful, and certain to educate any rider who strives to reach the coveted state of true horse-and-rider harmony.