The ABC of Breaking & Schooling Horses

Josephine Knowles


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780851315591.
Category: .
Publication Date: 31 October 1999


The early chapters deal with the care and handling of the foal and the education of the yearling and two-year-old. An explanation of lungeing and long-reining includes advice on the necessary equipment and how to fit it. The benefits and method of loose-schooling are described and mouthing, bitting and backing are covered in detail. Chapters on schooling on the flat and over poles take the equine pupil up to participation in a first show, hunt, dressage test or Pony Club rally. Valuable advice is given on assessing and buying young horses to school on, and on reschooling badly trained or difficult animals. Matters of behaviour, vice and nervousness are covered, as is road safety, saddlery and equipment, travelling, and feeding, care and management for all ages and stages.