A Bullet for Lawless

Steve Hayes

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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780719813733.
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Publication Date: 31 October 2014


When ex-lawman Ben Lawless took a bushwhacker’s bullet that almost killed him he knew the man who’d shot him and he also knew that the bushwhacker never missed: so why was Lawless still breathing?

With rancher Veronica Ketchum to thank for his life, Lawless decides to return the favour and back Veronica in her battle with land-grabbing cattle-baron, Stillman J. Stadtlander. Their paths have crossed before and Lawless is no fool: he cannot take on Stadtlander’s gunhawks alone. He enlists old friends, Drifter, and the enigmatic Gabriel Moonlight, and just for good measure, calls in Latigo Rawlins, the very man who had him bushwhacked….