Bad Night at the Crazy Bull

John Dyson


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780719815379.
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Publication Date: 27 February 2015


After a night of gambling and hooch-spiked drinking at the Crazy Bull Hotel, young rancher Glen Stone wakes up to find himself in bed with Katrina, one of the hotel’s gaudy-girls, who informs him that he has won her as his lawful wedded wife (courtesy of a local judge) on the previous evening.

With Katrina protesting volubly that she has no desire to perform the
chores expected of a rancher’s wife, the pair set off for Glen’s spread
along the banks of the Snake River near Jackson, Wyoming. There he has to face the bitter reproaches of his long-time intended, young Susan Cousins, and the wrath of her rancher father, Abe.

Katrina’s presence at the ranch attracts the attentions of some of her
old admirers, among them some roaming Comancheros, and Zane
Hollister, an ageing road agent who hopes to set up as a roadhouse owner on his ill-gotten loot. He in turn is being pursued by tough old Sheriff Matt Alison, a lawman who tends to shoot and then wish he’d
asked some questions first.

Will the arrival of horse preacher Repentance Rathbone, man of God
but also very much a man of the world, vanquish the mayhem and restore harmony to the lives of the ranchers in Wyoming?