Blizzard Justice

Randolph Vincent


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780719813276.
Categories: , .
Publication Date: 31 July 2014


After frostbite crippled the fingers of his gun-toting hand, Issac Morgan thought his days of chasing desperadoes were over so settles down to study law in the settlement of Lone Pine. But when steel-hearted Deputy US Marshal, Ambrose Bishop, rides into town one winter’s evening, aiming to bait a trap for a brutal French-Canadian gang who have been terrorizing the border, Morgan’s peace is shattered.

The lawman’s ruthless scheme misfires, and when the miscreants he had planned to gun down snatch the judge’s beautiful daughter, Kitty Persimmon, Morgan and Bishop are compelled to join forces to get her back. But the snow clouds are gathering and soon they will be locked in a life or death struggle against the outlaws…and the elements.