Chilcot’s Redemption

Ethan Harker


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780719816291.
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Publication Date: 30 June 2015


Brook Chilcot is a man past his prime. The former sheriff of Grafton’s Peak has swapped the glory days of protecting his beloved town for gloomy days cadging drinks in the local saloon. When a young man, wishing to be taught how to shoot, attempts to convince Chilcot out of retirement, the former sheriff is hesitant. His career ended after a disastrous shootout and he is in no hurry to leave his alcoholic haze and remember the past.

But Chilcot is won over. Accompanied by the youth, he returns to Grafton’s Peak. Here in his old town, Chilcot must confront new faces and old enemies, and quickly learn how to handle himself again if he is going to last long. When confronted by the son of an outlaw he killed many years previously, Chilcot is given the chance to redeem himself for his errors in the past. Will he take it?