High Bounty at Wayward

Terrell L. Bowers


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780719815782.
Categories: , .
Publication Date: 31 March 2015


When Evangeline Parrish learns her brother has stolen some money, she hires Ransom Fayne, a renowned bounty-hunter, to help bring him back before he ruins his life. But the rescue is thwarted by a deadly ambush, and Eva’s brother dies and so the mission for Ransom and Eva becomes one of retribution.

The town of Wayward is run by saloon owner Yancy Bodean, who is also leader of the bandit gang. In trying to protect Eva from Bodean, Ransom enlists the aid of an old friend to help cut down the long odds. While there is gold and silver in the nearby hills, it is lead and an unusual hammer of justice which will ultimately determine who lives and dies in Wayward.