Long Ride to Purgatory

Ethan Flagg


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780719815614.
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Publication Date: 30 April 2015


Shooting the owner of a general store in Cody, Wyoming, was to have dire repercussions for Texas Red Meacher and his gang. As Luther Pickett watches his father die he swears to bring the killers to justice and, with his best friend Skip Jenner, sets out to track the gang down.

However, Red Meacher frames Luther and Skip for a bank robbery and they are both thrown in jail.

The kindness of a wealthy ranch owner for whom the pair have been working sees Luther set free, but Skip must remain in jail until their innocence is proven.

Free at last, Luther has one last chance to find the gang before they escape beyond the frontier of No Man’s Land.
With justice for his father as well as his own innocence hanging on the line, Luther spurs his horse on. But Luther’s world is turned on its head by Red Meacher’s own desire for vengeance, before the final confrontation outside the town of Purgatory.