The Law in Crossroads

J.L. Guin


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780719817083.
Categories: , .
Publication Date: 30 September 2015


Jack Bonner, former lawman, bounty hunter and fast gunman has settled in the small town of Crossroads, Texas, wanting nothing more than to retire his gun and to run his livery business.

When a rogue gunman shoots up a saloon in the middle of the day, Bonner feels obligated to investigate as there is no lawman in town. In an ensuing argument, one outlaw dies and another is taken in for bounty.

Bonner reluctantly agrees to temporary marshal duties until former ranch foreman Barry Dodson takes the job. Things go sour when Z Bar ranch owner, Horace Davies, hires a known gunman instead of cowboys in an effort to turn the Z Bar into a haven for outlaws.

Jack Bonner and Horace Davies are at odds for control of the town.
When Davies offers a reward for his demise, Jack Bonner goes into action…