The Secret of the Silver Star

Amos Carr


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780719816925.
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Publication Date: 28 August 2015


Outlaw Vince Lange hides a deadly secret, one that he can’t afford his fellow gang members to discover. He is really Deputy Marshal Charlie Dane, and he is working undercover to bring the notorious gang down.

When a fiercely heavy snowstorm traps the gang in their hide-out, life becomes even more difficult for Dane. Their leader, Frank Carlin, sends him and another member out for supplies. Only he returns to the cave, leaving three bodies and a burned-out ranch behind.

Carlin decides the gang will split up and head for the nearest town, and he gives ‘Lange’ a terrible task to complete on the way. It’s a town where Dane has friends. Once there, he knows a showdown is coming, as the gang try to blend in until the thaw comes and when all hell will break loose.