Toots McGee

J.W. Throgmorton


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780719814426.
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Publication Date: 31 December 2014


Toussaint ‘Toots’ William McGee is riding the chuck-lined-trail along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains when a sudden wave of dizziness propels him from the saddle and into oblivion.

When he wakes he is staring into the barrel of the rifle Sarah Baxter used to ambush him. She had mistaken his shaggy red hair and beard for those of Tom Danton, the man who had killed her family. Realizing her error she takes Toots home to recuperate where he learns of the family’s plight and pledges his help.

But Danton and his men are ruthless and Toots must fight dirty if he is to save the Baxter ranch and the lovely woman who shot him.