Wyoming Blood Feud

Dale Graham


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780719817458.
Categories: , .
Publication Date: 30 November 2015


Neither Rafe Charnely nor his son Jeff could have foreseen how quickly their family tensions would escalate into a full blown feud. Father and son clash when Jeff falls in love with the daughter of the sheepherders with whom the Charnely family have a long-standing dispute.

Rafe cannot see his son’s actions as anything but a deeply personal betrayal. Jeff is desperate to prove his feelings to his father, but when his beau’s brother is accused of violating a land boundary, Rafe threatens to have him strung up. Jeff sees red and soon the stubborn refusal by either man to compromise quickly spirals out of control.

Can the hostilities between them be rectified without blood being spilled? Or will the family feud escalate into a range war?