Dead and Gone

Bill Kitson


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780719815829.
Categories: , .
Publication Date: 30 April 2015


Dean Wilson knows any relationship with Naomi Macaulay is doomed. Her family are Wilson Macaulay Industries, founders of Bishopton Investment Group. His sister, Linda, was the Group’s financial director until she vanished four years ago, around the same time as millions of pounds of investors’ money disappeared, and the Group collapsed amidst claims of fraud and embezzlement.

When Dean is charged with assault, DI Mike Nash’s enquiries cause him to reopen the fraud case. Events quickly begin to escalate, and soon Nash has several murder investigations on his hands.

Meanwhile Helmsdale police are being swamped with complaints about email scams. Nash needs help – computer analyst, Tina Silver, is brought in to help examine the software. Connections to executives of Wilson Macaulay Industries begin to emerge. With the body count rising and forensic resources stretched, Nash realizes he may be dealing with fraud of larger proportions than he ever could have imagined.

Can Nash and his team solve the case before any more lives are taken and the security risks bring down the whole company? After an independent auditor vanishes, Nash and his colleagues must determine who is guilty, who is innocent, who is dead and who is gone.

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