Just Not Cricket

Joyce Cato


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780719818899.
Categories: , .
Publication Date: 29 January 2016


When travelling cook Jenny Starling is asked to cater the tea for a village cricket match, the last thing she expects is to be faced with the murder of one of the players. Tristan Jones was a bit of a ladies man, but the slick city financier had lost a lot of people their savings and investments, so it is safe to say the list of suspects is a long one, and the local police find themselves operating on a sticky wicket. But when another body is found, it looks as though even the canny cook might be caught out for a duck. Fielding clues and red herrings isn’t easy, especially when suspect statements seem to stump everyone else involved with the investigation. Jenny must choose her next strokes very carefully, with the field around her becoming smaller, it’s only matter of time before she is caught out.

With an angry teenager, a cuckolded cricket captain, and even the victim’s own stepmother on the suspect list, it’s going to take some fast deliveries by the amateur sleuth to crack the case and find the killer. One thing is for certain, though, killing two people in such an unsportsmanlike manner is just not cricket.