Live Long, Live Strong

Patrick Dale


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780719807183.
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Publication Date: 31 May 2013


People are living longer than ever before. Medical science, reduced risk of injury and improved technology mean that many will live to see their 80s, 90s and even 100s. But, while we are living longer lives, are we living better lives?

Despite improved longevity, many people experience a significant reduction in quality of life as they age – many spend their golden years virtual prisoners in their own homes due to physical and mental incapacity. This is especially sad considering that many aspects of both physical and mental decline can be delayed if not almost completely avoided.

Live Long, Live Strong is a guide to combining sensible exercise for both your body and mind with a nutritional plan designed to address many of the conditions that commonly plague older people. It also includes information on improving brain power and minimizing your risk of suffering a fall – one of the leading causes of becoming housebound.

This comprehensive book addresses all aspects of mature health so that readers will be able to take on Old Father Time and give him a run for his money!