The Pride of the Morning

Pamela Kavanagh


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780719819155.
Categories: , .
Publication Date: 29 February 2016


Emma has always accepted her grandfather’s wish for a union between herself and her cousin Hamilton. It will ensure a continuation of the saddle and harness making business on Saddler’s Row, satisfy her aunt, and provide Emma with security for the future.

At Chester’s Midsummer Fair, a chance encounter with personable horse dealer Josh Brookfield, sparks a whole different chain of events, prompting hidden jealousy and deceit, resulting in the severing a friendship. Long-held secrets come to light – it is a time of shattered family bonds and heartache. Emma is forced down an uncertain path, far removed from the life she has always known.

Can she ever forget the man with the laughter in his eyes and the soul of a poet, who looked upon a simple shower of rain as the pride of the morning? And will Josh ever find Emma again?

It seems like an impossible dream – until Fate intervenes.