Death at Knytte

Jean Rowden


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780719809828.
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Publication Date: 31 July 2013


Nobody believes Lord Pickhurst’s new young wife is as demure and devoted as she seems, but where in the wilds of the West Country would she find a suitable paramour? Fortunately for Lady Lucille, a spate of jewel robberies gives the gossips something else to talk about. It’s not so lucky for Sergeant Beddowes, and he’s soon up to his neck in trouble; the bucolic backwater turns out to be as dangerous as his usual haunts in the stews of the London underworld.

It with a simple case of robbery, but Beddowes finds himself drawn into the investigation of a brutal murder. If he can’t solve the riddle of how the elderly Lord Pickhurst died, an innocent man will go to the gallows, while the guilty get away scot free.