Fell the Angels

John Kerr


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780709098386.
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Publication Date: 30 June 2012


Charles Cranbrook, collapses and dies a horrific death at The Priory, the neo-gothic house bought with his wealthy wife Cecilia’s money. Was he murdered, or did he take his own life? In the course of the inquest, it emerges that beautiful Cecilia had been involved in a scandalous affair that is the talk of London.

In Fell the Angels, based on the notorious Victorian murder involving Charles and Florence Bravo and Dr James Gully, proponent of the ‘water cure’, John Kerr reaches beneath the veneer of Victorian respectability and twists the ingredients of enormous fortune, sexual adventure, domestic abuse, avarice and jealousy into a satisfying whole. Expertly researched, Kerr reaches an intriguing solution to the case.