Foster’s Welsh Oddities

Allen Foster


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780719817540.
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Publication Date: 30 September 2015


Ideal for trivia lovers and those interested in the more esoteric aspects of life in Wales, Foster’s Welsh Oddities is a wonderful collection of Wales’ quirkiest characters, most extraordinary facts and strangest coincidences. Discover the lucky, unlucky, strange, silly, downright weird, wonderful and funny events that make up Allen Foster’s entertaining contribution to the social history of Wales.

Find out about such curiosities as:

• the Welsh beach that whistles
• the ferocious bull that once stopped a train
• one of the strangest wills ever admitted to probate
• the pioneer Welsh explorer who laid the foundations for the first overland expedition of America
• how a young Welshwoman single-handedly captured a dozen French soldiers and helped to foil an invasion.