The Scalp of Iron Eyes

Rory Black


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-7198-1809-7.
Category: .
Publication Date: 30 June 2016


Infamous bounty hunter Iron Eyes steers his palomino stallion through hostile terrain, he is in chase like a cougar with the scent of its next meal in its nostrils.

But unlike a cougar, Iron Eyes simply wants to get his hands on the outlaws who have their images on the crumpled wanted posters in his deep pockets. His bullet-coloured eyes catch a glimpse of Ten Strike and he knows his pursuit is coming to an end.

The trouble is that there are men within the remote settlement who have waited for the gaunt horsemen with
their guns cocked and ready. Soon Iron Eyes will be fighting for his life against those who want his scalp as a trophy.