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Founded in 1936, and working from our own building in the heart of London’s historic Clerkenwell, we continue to thrive as an independent publisher. Under the Robert Hale imprint, we cater for a truly wide range of interests both in fiction and non-fiction with particular strengths in crime, historical and romantic fiction, mind, body and spirit, biography, sport and crafts.

New releases from Robert Hale

  • The Wideloopers

    Corba Sunman

    Tod Bailey rides out of Dodge City a happy man. He has sold his herd, and the only job remaining before collecting his payment is to deliver the beef to...

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  • Sundown Over the Sierras

    Dale Graham

    When marshal Chase Farlow responds to a break-in at Macy’s gun store, he has no inkling of the ignominy it will unleash. The unfortunate shooting of a young tearaway forces...

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  • Riding the Storm

    Heather Graves

    Beginning in tropical North Queensland and continuing in Melbourne, this is the story of two brothers, consumed by a rivalry that has dominated their family for generations. Both love the...

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  • One Bullet Too Many

    Paul Bennett

    Life in the Polish resort of Lake Cezar is idyllic, that is, until local crime lord, Emil Provda, not satisfied with prostitution, drug-smuggling and gun-running, starts a protection racket among...

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  • Journalism

    James Morrison

    Journalism shows you how to write quickly and expertly for all major forms of journalistic writing today. Whether producing a snappy headline or reporting a full length news story, piecing...

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  • The Gun Master

    Rory Black

    Rex Carey arrives in the township of Willow Creek on his way to visit an old friend. Unknown to him, the infamous Zane Black is staying in the same hotel....

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  • Gila Monster

    Colin Bainbridge

    A stagecoach is winding its way towards the small town of Medicine Bend when it is attacked by outlaws. However the coach’s passengers manage to beat them off. This...

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  • Ghosts of War Smoke

    Michael D George

    War Smoke is busier than usual as gamblers come to the sprawling town from all four corners of the Wild West to take part in the biggest poker game ever...

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  • Chisholm Trail Showdown

    Jack Tregarth

    For the young men in the Texas town of Indian Falls, riding the Chisholm Trail as cowboys is a rite of passage which no boy should miss out. Seventeen-year-old Dan...

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  • Chilcot’s Redemption

    Ethan Harker

    Brook Chilcot is a man past his prime. The former sheriff of Grafton’s Peak has swapped the glory days of protecting his beloved town for gloomy days cadging drinks in...

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  • Blue Remembered Hills

    Keith Pybus

    The Shropshire Hills are alive with stories, although all too few of these are known to the casual visitor or even to the interested long-term resident. But each year, a...

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  • Model Planes

    Martyn Pressnell

    Model flying is a challenging and exciting hobby as well as a recognized international sport. The broad principles of flight as applied in full-size aviation are just as important to...

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