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Founded in 1936, and working from our own building in the heart of London’s historic Clerkenwell, we continue to thrive as an independent publisher. Under the Robert Hale imprint, we cater for a truly wide range of interests both in fiction and non-fiction with particular strengths in crime, historical and romantic fiction, mind, body and spirit, biography, sport and crafts.

New releases from Robert Hale

  • The Vindicators

    Brent Larssen

    In the summer of 1879, young Ben Drake travels to the town of Mason in New Mexico. The 18-year-old aims to find out the truth about his father’s death at...

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  • The Upton Undertakers

    Kerry Tombs

    March 1891. A group of mourners gather for a funeral in a small country churchyard in Worcestershire, but events do not go according to plan. An old friend invites Detective...

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  • Sherlock Holmes and a Scandal in Batavia

    Jeremy Kingston

    When Holmes and Watson are visited at Baker Street by a frightened figure in a stovepipe hat, their interest is immediately piqued. The bizarre man turns out to be the...

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  • Ride a Savage Land

    Ian McDougall

    Returning from the carnage of war, Will Raith struggles to leave behind his memories and return to the days of punching cows and wielding a branding iron. The former Union...

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  • The Rescuer

    R. S. Hill

    Bideford, Devon, April 1873: the River Torridge is in flood. Almost as soon as she sets foot in the town, Abigail March saves a young woman from drowning.

    Abigail, the...

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  • The Mystery of Silver Falls

    I.J. Parnham

    The whole town turns out to watch the first train journey when the bridge at Silver Falls is completed. The atmosphere is joyous, but the day turns sour when Kane...

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  • Marathon Training

    Nikalas Cook

    Each year, thousands of people are inspired to don their running shoes and take on the challenge of a marathon. But on the road to the finish line many marathon...

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  • A Final Shoot-out

    J.D. Kincaid

    When Abe Fletcher is released from prison, he is anxious to reclaim his inheritance – a particularly beautiful and flourishing ranch. At the same time, bank robbers Red Ned Davis...

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  • Duty and Deception

    Roberta Grieve

    Anna Grayson has been a dutiful, loyal and obedient daughter her whole life but her world is transformed when she meets the lively and outspoken Mitchell sisters, employees in her...

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  • Coffin for an Outlaw

    Thomas McNulty

    When legendary lawman-turned-bounty-hunter Chance Sonnet reappears, the word spreads that he wants Eric Cabot dead. Cabot, in the dark as to Sonnet’s motives, sends his men to kill Sonnet first....

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  • Caged Angel

    Anne-Marie Vukelic

    ‘And so he stood now, as he had done since the first moment he had taken a room opposite her house: watching. He let the curtain fall, and on the...

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  • Buckshot Ridge

    Jake Douglas

    Clint’s only wish is to transform the Delta ranch where he lives into a home, so that he can settle down peacefully with his wife-to-be, Belle Camden.

    All is going...

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