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Founded in 1936, and working from our own building in the heart of London’s historic Clerkenwell, Robert Hale has catered for a truly wide range of interests both in fiction and non-fiction with particular strengths in crime, historical and romantic fiction, mind, body and spirit, biography, sport and crafts.

As of January 2016 Robert Hale and all its imprints is now owned by The Crowood Press.
Please note that, in a period of transition, it is no longer possible to order items directly from this website although all the other usual means of distribution are in place so you can still buy from any other online outlets or shops that may stock our titles.
Roert Hale titles are gradually being added to the Crowood Press website which can be found here:
The Crowood Press
Note that any titles not yet on the Crowood website can still be ordered from Crowood by contacting them via email or phone. For details see the Crowood website.

New releases from Robert Hale

  • The Winding Stair

    Millie Vigor

    A single red rose on her doorstep and anonymous phone calls have reduced writer Ginny Harvey to a nervous wreck. Seeking peace and telling no one where she is going,...

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  • Vaughan Williams

    Keith Alldritt

    This ground-breaking biography of Ralph Vaughan Williams reveals more than any other the man behind the music.

    The author examines the considerable range of Vaughan Williams’ work, from the English pastoral...

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  • Smithfield

    Alec Forshaw

    Famed throughout the world for its meat market, the Smithfield area of London has a long and turbulent history. Originally a ‘smooth field’ lying just beyond the City wall, over...

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  • English Cathedrals

    Andrew Sanders

    England is blessed with many beautiful cathedrals, including the world-renowned Durham, with its geometrically carved pillars, Wells, with its astonishingly graceful scissor arch, and the gloriously uplifting Ely and...

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  • Wealth or Poverty: Jane Austen’s Novels Explored

    Stephen Mahony

    Money is significant in Jane Austen’s novels. Her characters worry about it, scheme for it and, of course, spend it. Money is not simply a way of placing people: it...

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  • Kicking Over the Traces

    Elizabeth Jackson

    Westmorland – winter, 1922. After her mother dies unexpectedly, Florence Grainger is abandoned by her stepfather at an isolated farm owned by the Dalbys. He leaves her with nothing but...

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  • The British Wildlife Year

    Dominic Couzens

    In this unique book Dominic Couzens provides a precise record of what happens in the natural world in Britain for each week of the year.

    What sets this book apart from...

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  • The Origins of English Surnames

    Joslin Fiennes

    Surnames carry the history of people in a very personal way. In England surnames were mostly established by the end of the fourteenth century – by ordinary people, for ordinary...

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  • Avalon Castle

    Rosemary Craddock

    Avalon Castle is an unusual, disturbing place. Painstakingly built by Ambrose Blackwood, an eccentric obsessed by the legends of King Arthur, and inhabited by the rest of the dysfunctional Blackwood...

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  • The Upton Undertakers

    Kerry Tombs

    March 1891. A group of mourners gather for a funeral in a small country churchyard in Worcestershire, but events do not go according to plan. An old friend invites Detective...

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  • Mario Lanza

    Derek Mannering

    Mario Lanza: A Life in Pictures is a stunning collection of photographs and illustrations that captures the fabulous and tumultuous times of the greatest romantic tenor of the twentieth century....

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  • The Noble Art of Heavyweight Boxing

    Ralph Oates

    The Noble Art of Heavyweight Boxing is a knockout trip through the history of this popular sport, from the last thrilling bareknuckle contest in 1889 between champion John L. Sullivan...

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