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Founded in 1936, and working from our own building in the heart of London’s historic Clerkenwell, we continue to thrive as an independent publisher. Under the Robert Hale imprint, we cater for a truly wide range of interests both in fiction and non-fiction with particular strengths in general hardback fiction, mind, body and spirit, biography and practical reference.

New releases from Robert Hale

  • Picked Up, Patched Up and Sent Home

    Carl Walker

    In this personal, irreverent book, Carl Walker represents the average stories of average people whose lives are routinely and often unnoticeably held together by the people who work in the...

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  • Bad Mothers Brilliant Lovers

    Wendy Perriam

    In this, her eighth short-story collection, Wendy Perriam casts a spotlight on both mothers and lovers, exploring, on the one hand, the influence of bad parenting on our future happiness,...

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  • Neglected Music

    Neil Butterworth

    This book is a unique guide for musicians who are seeking new material to perform. Over 400 pieces of music from the seventeenth century to the present day have been...

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  • A Narrow Victory

    Faith Martin

    Once again, ex-DI Hillary Greene is delving into the archives, trying to discover who killed an interior designer at a swanky New Years’ Eve Party in 1999. Somebody clearly didn’t...

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  • I Leap Over the Wall

    Monica Baldwin

    At the age of twenty-one, Monica Baldwin – the niece of Stanley Baldwin – entered one of the oldest and most strictly enclosed contemplative orders of the Roman...

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  • A Death at South Gare

    Dan Latus

    Frank Doy is troubled when he finds a body in heavy seas off the South Gare breakwater at the mouth of the River Tees. His mood deteriorates further when he...

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  • Another Chance, Another Life

    Mark Neilson

    Becky and Kathy are great friends and, in a cruel yet comforting parallel, both have recently lost their jobs and face the prospect of starting their lives all over again....

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  • The Angel and the Sword

    Sally Wragg

    The Nazi Party have a firm hold of 1930s Germany and when wilful Henrietta Arabella, the youthful Duchess of Loxley, is sent on a tour of Europe by her formidable...

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