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Founded in 1936, and working from our own building in the heart of London’s historic Clerkenwell, we continue to thrive as an independent publisher. Under the Robert Hale imprint, we cater for a truly wide range of interests both in fiction and non-fiction with particular strengths in general hardback fiction, mind, body and spirit, biography and practical reference.

New releases from Robert Hale

  • The Crime Writer’s Guide to Police Practice and Procedure

    Michael O'Byrne

    This new, fully updated edition of The Crime Writer’s Guide to Police Practice and Procedure is the essential detective in your pocket – something to reach for when your writing...

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  • Writers’ Houses

    Writers’ Houses reflects Britain’s impressive literary and architectural heritage, offering a revealing insight into how leading British writers lived and wrote.

    Illustrated in colour, the book guides you through the...

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  • Gallipoli

    At the start of the First World War, Arthur Beecroft was a recently qualified barrister in his twenties. Determined to enlist despite a medical condition, he volunteered for military service,...

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  • Picked Up, Patched Up and Sent Home

    Carl Walker

    In this personal, irreverent book, Carl Walker represents the average stories of average people whose lives are routinely and often unnoticeably held together by the people who work in the...

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  • Dead and Gone

    Bill Kitson

    Dean Wilson knows any relationship with Naomi Macaulay is doomed. Her family are Wilson Macaulay Industries, founders of Bishopton Investment Group. His sister, Linda, was the Group’s financial director until...

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  • An Unholy Mess

    Joyce Cato

    In the small Cotswold village of Heyford Bassett, vicar’s wife Monica Noble throws a party for the village’s new residents. The guests include Margaret Franklyn and her philandering husband Sean,...

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  • The Prosecco Fortune

    Stella Whitelaw

    Emma Chandler has a comfortable life as junior partner of a firm of chartered accountants in London. When she is sent to Venice to investigate the disappearance of their client...

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  • Confession at Maddleskirk Abbey

    Nicholas Rhea

    When a woman confesses to Father Will, one of the monk-constables at Maddleskirk Abbey, that she has committed murder, he can do nothing but absolve her from her sin. The...

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